Agile has failed you

A fast-paced market forces you to innovate and react instantaneously. To be agile. But the agile approach has failed you. We know why. And we are sure you too. That's why we are here for you. Helping you become agile. Truly agile.

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Market changes accelerated.

This is no longer the cozy 20th century where it could take two years from product specification to delivery. Market changes accelerated. Specification created yesterday can be outdated already. Companies are forced to innovate rapidly. To respond immediately. But not everybody can keep up.

Many organizations stepped out the line and jumped into the agile. "This is the silver bullet to save us." Oh, how disappointed they are now. No miracle happened. But the agile is not the broken one. They are. Because they failed to understand it's core principles and failed to address what agile processes have brought to light.

Agile has failed you?

A healthy agile organization

A community of people working towards a shared vision. A living organism combining each one's unique skills with respect and honesty. This is a healthy agile organization.

Have you visited some start-up office recently? Have you felt the vibe? A community of diverse people working towards a shared vision finding innovative solutions to nowadays problems?

They don't seem to have trouble expressing their ideas.
They discuss their feelings openly.
They don't slander.
They celebrate mistakes and learn from them.
They follow a lightweight reasonable process.
They don't stick to their job descriptions.
They just do whatever is needed at the moment.
They combine their unique skills into a living organism.
They adapt.
They grow.
They focus.
They laugh.

A community of diverse people working towards a shared vision
fixing rootcause

They are a healthy organization.
Why cannot this work in your corporation? It can. Of course, it does not happen overnight. It demands patience and understanding. No methodology can magically fix the problems without looking into the eyes of the painful root causes

Reflectors is your guide

We are your guide

Do you feel the agile has let you down? It failed to deliver what it promised? Or are you considering implementing agile mechanisms to address your organization's problems? We are here for you. To help you be a winner in the new economy.

We walk next to you through an agile transformation. We pick the right tools carefully. We turn light into shadows and help you face the problems crouching in the dark. We hold your hand when you are terrified. We have a large pool of experienced people and a set of unconventional tools. This mixture can help you truly understand what is broken within your company and fix that. We dream about large companies that work like small communities and produce meaningful and beautiful things.

Reflectors holds your hand when you are terrified.

We are the Reflectors.

We are enthusiastic persons, who believe the challenges, coming with the digital era and agile methods, provide a unique opportunity for each organization to discover their incredible potential. By focusing on the right things, by doing these things in the right way and by fully utilizing human capabilities.

We rejoice when we, together with our clients, are opening a hidden potential of their organizations and shifting them to new dimensions of their business.

We are the Reflectors

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