Circle culture

Our company structure is based on Sociocracy principles and Dragon Dreaming holistic approach. Consent governs policy decisions and organization is composed of a hierarchy of semi-autonomous circles.

Reflectors company structure: Circle culture
Role: Reflector

New role: Reflector

A Reflector is an experienced person able to identify unhealthy patterns occurring in organizations. To name these patterns, describe their cause, and define and implement an effective solution. The Reflector is a multidisciplinary expert with unique skillset allowing him to be a trusted guide when you are facing the challenges coming with the new digital era that accents innovations, agility and completely new approaches to the business.


We are happy to serve. We rejoice when discovering the hidden potential that can be fully evolved. It is our joy to look for paths that enable our customers to become excellent.
Jan Tolar Reflector

Jan Tolar

Co-founder, the big-pappa, strategy expert, agile coach

I believe in people's creativeness and potential. I trust everyone can make his dreams come true. And to create something amazing. Are you afraid to jump into the unknown? Not sure where to go next? Don't you know how? Let me show you the way. Because there's always the way. Let's make the step...

Jakub Hlousek

Co-founder, the dreamer, facilitator, Scrum-master, coach

I'm a reflector, getting understanding from observing surroundings. My expertise is offering deep understanding and holding space for others to reach their goals, visions, and potentials. Meanwhile maintaining inner balance and speaking and reflecting whats is present. That's a message I offer.

Jakub Hlousek Reflector
Artyom (Balu) Avako Reflector

Artyom (Balu) Avako

Outside/Inside management creator, negotiator, supporter, projector, productivity promoter

I am here to share my experience and vision of the process. Expansion of inner and outside borders towards progress is my cup of tea. Clearness and productivity is the aims. Connection is my root, productive negotiation is my routine. Making things works brings me joy, outcomes of my actions bring the inspiration, people bring me dreams. I am here to make everything possible.

Jiri Skala

The geek, process guru, architect, evangelist

I like to dive into an issue. Give me a challenge and I will solve it. Complex processes are my playground. Give me a solid ground of what you need and I will dig deep and enjoy analyzing it to bring optimal solutions.

Jiri Skala Reflector
Ren Svobodova Reflector

Ren Svobodova

Experiential educator (AEE), guide

I dedicated my professional pedagogical journey to new forms of education. How to transmit competencies and gain responsibility. How to be a guide on finding one-self potential - through creating safe-spaces, questions and reflection. We learn better through answering than the answer itself.

Kristian Zen

empathy & self-expression expert, therapist, shadow worker, creative

I want your authenticity and I offer mine. I create space where is possible to stop hiding. I bring tools which allows one to connect with inner needs and take care of them. There are parts of us which needs to be heard and guided. We ground. We aware. We present. We feel. Founder of

Kristian Zen Reflector
Tomas Wortner Reflector

Tomas Wortner

Movement, emotion, communication. Artist, trainer and facilitator

My profession is movement, art and self development. I create safe space to look deep, understand and decide for next steps. I bring compassion to emotions and clarity for constructive communication. I support people to open up for their own creativity and inner fire. I founded

Partnership is the key

Partnership is the key...

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