Regardless of whether the agile approach is failing in your organization or you are just planning to step into the agile waters, you don't have to panic. There's always the way. It is up to you to choose. You may decide to discover blind alleys. Or you can follow the Reflectors journey. And be a winner.

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Within the Reflectors program, we utilize a unique mixture of effective techniques that solve patterns negatively affecting the inner working of agile organizations. These techniques are not selected accidentally. We analyzed many repeating patterns causing failure of agile and chose such a process and techniques that allow you to eliminate the patterns permanently.

The method

Reflectors' work is inspired by the therapeutic practice. If the therapeutist wants to solve a problem, first of all, he must get to know his client and his problem. Then they together have to name the problem. Make it visible. And agree on the treatment procedure. Only then they can step at the path and heal the problem.


However, good therapy is not just about healing itself. It is also about teaching the client of taking care of himself. To prevent recurrence of the problem. That's why our work usually takes place in four steps: Observation, Reflection, Transformation, and Self-optimization.

In each step, we utilize a set of efficient tools that help us and our clients to recognize the problems, their causes and solve them permanently.

Our tools:

The tools and techniques we use enable you to get a bright picture of your situation. To see many perspectives affecting your ability to be agile. To understand why and how. And to transform yourself into a fantastic crew.
reflecting teamwork

Observation at teamwork

The most effective way to get know of something is observation. If you have sufficient time and space, you may reveal essential phenomena, processes, aspects that help you reveal patterns and dynamics of observed reality.

We use the observation to recognize the patterns occurring in your organization that affect its working. The perfect way of observation is direct involvement in teams and their daily work. In order to get relevant outputs, we involve at least two observers. It helps us to eliminate subjective influences, like halo effect, stereotypes, novelty effect, etc. that might distort the findings.


We guide you on regular bases through concentration and mindfulness. To improve focus, reduce stress and bring ease into everyday life-work for people in your office.

Work consciously on what you want and where you want to be. Let be inspired. Remove obstacles and let yourself be surprised by the unknown. It is the process of seeing yourself achieving something that you desire.

reflecting teamwork
reflecting collaboration

Strategic assessment

Shared vision and a clear strategy are the only single clue for each organization. These act as lighthouse navigating everyone to the target. To fulfill the strategy, it must be accepted by the maximal number of people. To be accepted, it must be credible and understandable.

The strategic assessment helps you to evaluate whether your strategy is really living. Whether it's understandable and achievable. Using a comprehensive assessment you will get bright info, whether your strategy is clear, acceptable, credible and driving your agile journey.

Strategy management

The organization can only be as agile as its strategy is clear and understandable. If your employees do not know where to go and what to do, the agile will fail overall. Don't let it happen. Grab the reins and make your strategy living.

We are ready to help you define clear strategic goals that will drive your organization in the right way. To communicate them in the most effective way. To align them across the teams. By applying efficient strategic performance measurement we can help you keep the ship in the right direction. And not to drown in waves of uncertainty.

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reflecting processes

Process assessment

For each organization, the processes are a form of safety net that maintains and enabling its functioning. In the agile environment, this is doubly true. Without properly selected and effectively functioning processes, an agile organization is unthinkable. Our process assessment will tell you, whether your processes work for you. Not only whether you use the processes your organization needs. But also whether these are capable to satisfy your needs.

Process adjustment

To be a winner in agile racing requires well-working processes. These must work like a well-oiled engine. There is no space for bureaucracy. For non-productive activities. The processes must not hinder your speed. Forget the theory. Adjust your processes with our experts. Fit them to your needs. Make them effective. Make them lean. Make them work for you. Shift them to a higher speed. Business ones as well as IT. There's no space to wait.

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reflecting agile management

Agile assessment

Are you really agile? Or are you only playing at that? That's the question.

The targeted agile assessment can help you to swiftly reveal, whether your organization is really agile or just trying to surf on an agile wave without visible benefits. A set of precisely selected questions will tell you where you are, why you are there, and how to get out from there.

Individual and group reflection

A reflection is a process of conscious looking at, thinking about, interpreting and analyzing our experiences, actions, feelings, and responses. The process helps to understand how and why we perceive specific situations and to learn from that. The reflection process is applicable to individuals, groups, organizations or situations.

If performed consciously and open, reflection can show you where your personal beliefs, reluctance or bias blocks accepting of evident solutions or effective working of the team. The key to reflecting is openness and willingness to spot the patterns and deal with them.

group reflection
guiding and coaching

Agile, individual and group coaching

The best method of how to master something new is learning through imitation. We do it whole life. Subconsciously. If you have a chance to cooperate with someone who already acquired some good practice, you will acquire the same practice to your life faster than from bunch of books.

A good coach does not indoctrinate you! He teaches you by self-example. He already passed the way before you. He is your partner and guide. He believes in your potential. He supports you anytime you have to step into the unknown.

Community building

Community Building (CB) is a group process that can lead to deeper, more authentic communication and cooperation. It is based on the principles identified by Dr. M. Scott Peck. Community Building is an adventure in human interaction based on a set of guidelines and principles rather than an agenda or a particular procedure. Participants are gently guided by specially trained facilitators who take the group through a process towards authentic interaction.

Community building
Social theatre

Social theatre

Social Theatre is a technique/platform that uses theatre strategies to teach social skills and collaboration. Through collaborative sketch writing, performing original skits, and connecting through improv the people can practice and develop their social skills. They can also easily identify the blockers in communication and social interaction, and work on their removal.

One of the most important components is learning how to act within a group process of collaborative work. The group plays provide a clear message about how to turn social weaknesses into potential. How to deal with frustrations and grow.

...and many more

Besides the techniques listed above, we use other conventional as well as alternative tools, which help us to maximally address your organization's needs. With full respect to your organization, its pains, potential and needs we cook a unique cure that helps you transform yourself. To be agile. Efficiently. With the long-lasting effects.

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Partnership is the key

Partnership is the key

Essential for our collaboration is a good quality partnership. Let's build it upon mutual openness, understanding, trust, and respect. WIN x WIN x WIN relation is a must. Love is essential to life and also to our business. We have high standards and value quality.

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